Latitudes & Longitudes

♪ ♫ |§| Where is your One Particular Harbour? |§| ♪ ♫
Costa Rica? Jamaica? Key West? The Outer Banks?

The Surf Shop

The surfpirate's surf shop. 
Shredding, since 1959. 

A1A - Key West

A-1-A south to Key West. Duval Street and Mallory Square. 
Hemingway and Buffett. Margaritas and Sunsets. 
The Southernmost Point and 90 miles from Cuba. 
Admit it. You wish you were there right now.

The Casinos

Exotic locales. Exotic casinos. 
Blackjack. Poker. Roulette. Las Vegas. Monte Carlo. 
The Surfpirate's Casinos.

Tiki Bar Decor

|§| Tropical |§| Pirate |§| Tiki Bar |§|
theme decor.

PHin Power Party

§| PHIN POWER. "Party with a purpose." |§| 
We need a new political party. No elephants. No asses. 
We need parrots. The Parrot Party. The Phin Power Party. 
You know who you are!  DRAIN THE BLENDERS Parrot People!